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The Ultimate Wine Tasting in English
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We offer something different and extremely cool. We'll bring you to a wine tasting and introduce you to an array of the finest wines. All of this will be in English. Even better, we do it all at a cozy restaurant, so you can enjoy the evening in a friendly atmosphere.
Who may join?
Why not join us, if you love spending time in a fun and informative atmosphere. It's ideal for both amateurs and wine experts. Your level of English, age, how much you know about wine – don't matter, but what does is your love for wine.
Not only tasting
We are going to play wine games, taste wine in black glasses and make some wine experiments.
Our wine tastings are held in the heart of Moscow, at the cozy wine store Wine Mood. A perfect match for a perfect day out, enjoy a beautiful night with wine lovers! All guests can enjoy 5% discounts for all wines.
Price from 1.900₽
Price is for 1 person for 1 wine tasting that includes guided wine tasting of 4 samples, welcome drink and a few appetizers.
How we do it
Each wine tasting is 2 hours and has an exclusive topic.
We speak English
Our event is in English only. We'll send a wine vocabulary list, so you'll have all the words and phrases you will need.
We discover
Our wine expert introduce the topic and tutor you while you learn wines on the list, their style and peculiarities.
We make notes
Each guest will have a wine tasting sheet for making notes. It helps you to choose a wine through tasting.
We discuss
Tasting each wine is followed by discussion – our guests and expert share their ideas about the wine.
We learn wines
Guided by the wine expert, our guests learn about wines: what they love best and what is its style.
We match food
Learn the perfect food-wine pairing for every occasion.
Photos from the last tasting
Tastings schedule
20.11 | 19:30
Wine tasting: 4 colors of wine
We are going to taste 4 colors of wine in black glasses
Price: 1900RUB
04.12 | 19:30
Wine Tasting: Sparkling wine
Tasting of a real Champagne and other sparkling wines. Get ready for the New Year!
Price: 2600₽
Booking information
Please read this information before you book:

— Due to the nature of the event we advise that this is for over 18's only.
— We kindly ask you to speak English. Once you forget a word in English, our wine expert will be of your help.
— Once full payment is made you will be allocated on the particular tasting and a confirmation will be sent to you. This is your confirmation of booking. This shouldn't be be printed, just save it online for own reference.
— We accept no cash on the tasting date. Please note all the payment should be made online.
— Cancellations made 3 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund.
— Don't drive on the day of the event. It should go without saying but a reminder is never a bad thing.

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